Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Our Iron Age Adventure...

Yesterday we climbed a mountain called Yeavering Bell in a place called Wooler. It was a very long journey (3 and a half miles up a very steep mountain) and it ended up taking 3 hours, by the end of our adventure we were pretty exhausted.

So we decided to go on this very long walk as part of the Iron Age section of our project. We choose this place in particular as at the top of the mountain there was the remains of a Iron Age hill fort. We learnt that Iron Age hill forts were built on the top of mountains because the people living on the hill (which was often a whole village) could see if any invaders were approaching (as from the top of the mountain you could see all around)and throw spears at them!

It took a long time to get to the top of the mountain as we needed to walk up one mountain, go downhill for a tiny part and then walk up a whole other mountain, Yeavering Bell (which was extremely steep) it doesn't sound like a lot but it really was!
On the journey up the mountain a few unexpected things happened these included Dottie getting a phone call part way up the mountain...
Fred and Daisy getting frightened of a particularly close ram...
There were a lot of sheep, some at the bottom of the mountain, others right at the top and even more (as Fred politely refers to it as) sheep "doo doos".
Fred decided to shot some arrows and Dottie tried but did really badly as the furthest she could get the arrow to go was a metre in front of her!
The walk was quite tiring so we had to stop often, the first time we stopped we made notes about what we could see and how we felt but then we realized that we had only gone a quarter of the way (if that)!
It began to rain on our way back down and the hill was very steep so Dottie ended up slipping over about 50 times (we're not over-exaggerating)!
So we all had a very good time and learnt a lot and we would recommend going on this particular walk as it was fun and the views were magnificent!

Dottie, Daisy and Fred Locket

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Hello Everyone, welcome to our new blog about the HUGE history project that we plan to do over the summer holidays.

We will be looking at British history and will try to learn about the Iron Age, Roman Britain, a bit about Viking invasions, the Normans, the Middle Ages, the Tudors and Stuarts, the Victorians and the 20th Century - all in 6 weeks!!!!

We hope you will enjoy the adventure with us!

Dorothy, Daisy and Fred Locket x